Shabana benefits from Youth Economic Empowerment Project


My name is Shabana. I belong to Dhairi Saiyyadan, Choa Saidan Shah. I did a training course to learn the make-up skill/beautician from Institute of Rural Management with the support from Plan Pakistan a year ago. After completing the course, I started working in my native area. Over the period of time I earned perfection.

However, the number of customers remained thin. I knew why it was so but could not do anything about it. The problem was that it was a small village, and there were 2 more beauty parlors in addition the one I ran. Those were old ones, and it seemed difficult to get more customers without resorting to unethical manipulation. I did not want to do that.

The other option was that I moved my parlor to such a village where there were no existing beauty parlors. But this option meant additional cost, which I could not afford. There seemed to be no hope for me.

It was not too long that I found ray of hope. I came to know about Bedari providing loans to youth for business purposes. I decided to apply for it. My parents supported me at every step. In March 2015, I burrowed Rs. 20,000 from Bedari and rented a shop at Rs. 900 per month in another village, Wahoola. My mother inaugurated the parlor.

With the grace of Almighty, I am successfully running my business outside my village. My relatives oppose me for going out of the village but I knew it was very difficult for me to expand my business living in my village.

I am highly thankful to Bedari for not only lending me money but also guiding me towards betterment in my business. I easily managed to return the loan in installments. Now I am earning a decent income to support myself and my family. I am working really hard to make it one of the best parlors in the area.

(*Name changed and picture hidden for privacy purposes)