Another exposure trip – helping girls come out of their shells


Bedari organized another exposure trip for girls benefited under Her Choice – Building Child marriage Free Communities project, Lahore. In this visit 10 girls along with four women from communities were invited. Furthermore, three students brought their sisters in this visit.

The visit was taken to the famous forest, Changa Manga outside Lahore. The place was selected on the criteria that the girls should be taken out of the station. This would let him gain the confidence and come out of their shells.

The girls enjoyed a lot during the travel. They had chat with each other and sang many songs throughout the way. On reaching to the picnic spot, they enjoyed snacks and played different games. Many participated in painting and coloring. After having lunch, the trip was taken back to homes.

Impressions of the Girls

After the lunch, girls shared their feelings.


Today I ran as fast as I could, just like my brother. I enjoyed this trip a lot.


There are many beautiful places around us but, we never got a chance to see and explore them.


I can’t forget this special day. I ran very fast, spoke loudly-almost shouted and sang songs. I can’t do any of this at my home.

Impression of the women from community

Naveeda Bibi: (Mother of Salma)

I have never been so happy in my life. I really enjoyed looking at the girls playing and singing. I never knew girls from my area could possess such confidence. Women and girls in my area can’t speak loud, they can’t laugh or go out like this. When I saw them jumping and playing, I felt so refreshed.

Bedari feels proud listening to the statements of young enthusiastic girls after taking them to the trip.