Bedari successfully launched its project, “Marriage: No Child’s Play” at Lahore


Ms. Shehneela Aslam addressing to the participants

“Early marriage causes disastrous results for young girls. Social acceptance usually stops us from doing what we want to. We are trying to change the age of marriage from 16-18”, said Ms. Shehneela Aslam, Member Provincial Assembly, at the inauguration ceremony of Bedari’s new project.

Bedari along with Oxfam successfully launched its 5 year project, Marriage: No Child’s Play, at Lahore on 24th May, 2017. The project aims at preventing child marriages by enabling young people to make informed decisions regarding marriage and health rights. It is a multi-country initiative designed to equip young people, especially young girls, with life skills education. The project will also provide them with socio-economic opportunities through policy reforms. Bedari will implement this project in Muzaffargarh and Lodhran districts in Punjab over the next five years.

People from different sectors participated including lawyers, members of provincial assembly, civil society organizations, community and students. All of the participants contracted that child marriage is a serious issue and needs to be addressed. The end objective on which everyone agreed was to bring an amendment in the existing law regarding age of the girl, from 16 to 18, to be a bride. The MPA, lawyers and other designated officials appreciated Bedari’s efforts and were keen to look forward to this project.