Bicycles belong to girls also-Girls in Vehari reclaim the sports grounds for bicycle race



“I love to ride bicycle and I come to school riding my own bicycle daily. But this is the first time I got a chance to participate in a competition. I won the first prize and I am very happy”, shared Seema after winning the first prize.

When the play grounds of a country are utilized for games and healthy activities, the hospitals remain empty. Sports are as important for girls as for boys. To provide girls with an opportunity of sports, Bedari conducted a bicycle race among girls at Government School Vehari. Child Protection Committee members and School’s administration supported the event.

The participants included the girls who are provided with bicycles by Bedari and few others who started using bicycles as a ripple effect of the activity of providing bicycles to the girls by Bedari. Girls enthusiastically participated and enjoyed the race. The viewers cherished and supported their favorite participant and the teachers were thankful to Bedari for such energetic activity. Ms. Salma, one of the teachers shared her feelings in these words,

“Today, while looking at the way girls are riding bicycle, I wish to learn riding a bicycle too. I enjoyed a lot. If such activities continue to occur, the trend for girls coming to school on bicycles would increase hence decreasing the absenteeism and dropout. It will further help other girls (who pay to Rickshaw or dependent on male relatives to be dropped to school), to be able to come to school alone on their own bicycles.”

After the results, girls were awarded with different prizes. Bedari is glad to bring smiles on the faces of those innocent girls.

NOTE: The names are changed due to confidentiality.