Help us keep 101 girls in Schools


Girls studying under this program out on an exposure trip

Dear Friends and Supporters of Bedari!

This is an urgent appeal from Bedari for your active financial support to keep 101 girls in secondary schools in Chakwal district. Bedari has been supporting 101 girls in acquiring secondary education in 4 remote villages of district Chakwal since April 2014. We have funds to keep the girls in schools till March 2016. More information on the project can be found here.

If we do not receive support from you, we will have to close this project, and 101 girls would be forced to drop out of their respective schools. You are requested to help us keep these girls in schools for another few years, so that they complete their secondary education. It is possible with your support.

Every Penny Counts; we need

Rs 1000/month/girl

Rs 101,000/month to keep all the girls in school.

How to Support:

  1. Be a regular donor. Contact us (bedari@, we will collect your contact information, and remind you at regular intervals to donate.
  2. Make a cheque in the name of Bedari and send it to us at this address: Bedari, Office 06, 3rd Floor, Huzaifa Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  3. Call us at +91514862482-3, and we will collect the donation from you (Please do take a receipt for cash amounts)
  4. Make an online transfer to Bedari Account:

Bedari Account Information –

Account Title –                Bedari                    Account Number –          0390860141001237

Brank –                            MCB Bank             Branch –                           I-8 Markaz Branch

Account Type –               Saving Account     Swift Code –                    MUCBPKKA

IBN # –                           PK46MUCB11