Exposure Trip -Girls exploring their own city, Chakwal


Bedari organized an exposure visit for girls benefiting from BCMFC (Building Child Marriage
Free Communities) project Chakwal. This Visit was planned at the beautiful valley of Kalarkahar. Thought behind organizing this visit was that these girls should come out of their shells and see the world around them.

In this visit, girls from 3 different communities, Pathar, Dhoke Khala and Sadiqabad, were invited and 17 girls took part. Participants were taken to Kalarkahar Lake, Shrine of Baba Sakhi Hoo Bahoo, Refreshment center and finally to hotel to have a lunch.

The girls enjoyed the scenic beauty of the lake and took many pictures. They were mesmerized by the structure of the shrine. At refreshment center they were delighted by a special sour snack, Gol Gappay. As they were very excited, they started singing songs, playing guitar and different games like badminton, ludo and basketball.



Impressions of the Girls

After the lunch, girls were asked to share their feelings.

Ume Nida:

Ume Nida is a young girl from Pathar. She said it was my first experience of coming out of my village on an outing. I really enjoyed it!


Saima, a girl from Dhoke Khalas said that it was the best day of my life. Visiting Kalarkahar Lake, playing badminton, singing songs while playing guitar was an awesome experience for me.


Zeenat, a community volunteer said that such visits are very important for exposure and experience of these young girls. I am sure these girls were unaware of the beauty of their home town Chakwal.

Shehla Bibi:

She shared that It was a wonderful experience for her and she wholeheartedly love it.

Bedari feels immense pleasure in taking the girls on exposure trips!