Hussna saved from early marriage through collective efforts


“I really like school. I dream to study law, but my mother can’t afford it. I know my dreams will never come true,” said 15 years old Hussna about her love for education.

A girl named Hussna, belonged to a poor family from Lodhran. Her father died when she was only seven years old. Her mother started working as a domestic worker in her town. She used to take Hussna with her for help while Hussna wanted to continue her studies.

One day her late father’s sister came to her home and asked her mother to marry Hussna off with her 30 years old son. She believed that Hussna is young and reached the age of marriage. Her mother was not willing to marry Hussna at this early age because she was well aware of the consequences of early marriage. Hussna’s mother also faced many problems because of her early marriage. Hussna’s relatives continued pressurizing her mother for her marriage. With each passing day, Hussna and her mother faced harsh and cruel circumstances regarding her marriage. They felt powerless against their relatives.

A member of Child Protection Committee from Hussna’s village visited her home. She asked her mother to contact Bedari, working on ending early marriages. Hussna’s mother sought our help and asked to visit her home. She wanted us to convince her relatives to delay the marriage. Unfortunately her relatives did not agree. Looking at the entire situation, Bedari team decided to involve the key informants and influential personals. Bedari conducted a session for them along with the key informants and influential personals. Hussna’s relatives were briefed about the consequences and the laws regarding early marriage. They were told that if they force any child for marriage under sixteen years of their age, they will be punished according to the law. After the session, they agreed that they will not force Hussna or her mother for early marriage. They also agreed upon securing her admission in the school and assured their cooperation for her better future.

Now Hussna and her mother are living a very happy life without any pressure from their relatives. They show their gratitude towards Bedari for cooperation and showing them the way towards a better life. Hussna has joined a tailoring course so that she could earn her living.