• Awakening for Human Rights

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Crisis Intervention Program

Crisis Intervention Program Bedari is running a Crisis Intervention Program for women and children who face any kind of violence. It provides psychological counseling, free legal aid and referral to other services such as hospitals and shelters. Deprived women and children are provided with psychological support by conducting counselling sessions, whenever required. Every possible legitimate backing is provided and if necessary for homeless women, shelter homes are asked for help.


Girls Education Program

Education is the most effective tool to empower girls. It opens up the whole world to them. It is not only the girls who benefit from their education, but also the families and the whole nation benefit from it. It is the best way to ensure that poverty does not transfer to the next generation.


Bedari Theater Program

As raising awareness among communities is one of the core objectives of Bedari, It becomes all the more important to have our dynamic theatre program. Theatre is usually an integral part of most, if not all, of bedari’s projects. Theatres are an effective tool in grasping the attention of people, who are unable to understand things just by reading.


Combating Child Marriages

Combating Child Marriages Punjab is home to over 50 million children, persons below the age of 18 and 25 millions of them are girls. Though no comprehensive data available, but various small research efforts made by civil society estimate that four of 10 girls in Punjab are married before reaching the age of 18 years.


Self Growth Program

Self-Growth Program Self-growth program consists of 10 to 12 sessions spread over as many weeks. It is a deliberate decision to hold one session per week as it provides the participants time to apply their learning from one session in their practical life and come back with their experiences, impressions, and feedback.


Advocacy Awareness Program



Ending VAW/G Program

The program has following three components.  

Crises Intervention: Immediate psychological and legal support and referral to safe temporary shelter and medical support to women and children need.  

Capacity Building: Engaging with duty bearers and rights holders for building their capacity on women’s rights, child rights and gender based discrimination and violence  

Policy and legislative Reforms: Advocacy and lobbying to improve policies and laws through alliance building with other like-minded entities including other NGOs, media, government institutions, and political and social workers.


Women Empowerment Program

  •  The program has four components  

Empowering girls through post primary education along with their self growth  

Creating economic opportunities and ensuring safe work environment for women  

Political empowerment  

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Women and Girls 

Youth Engagement for Peace Program

The program has two components.  

Peace through Arts and Sports  

Capacity Building of Youth around Peace, Diversity and Human Rights