Saira Aziz and Nazish Aziz are learning tailoring now


Saira Aziz and Nazish Aziz have joined a skill training center in Vehari. It was made possible by one of Bedari friends who collected donations for Bedari and made it possible for us to support these two girls. They have taken up a six months long course. They are learning sewing and embroidery. Moreover, a sewing machine has also been provided to them. dsc00235

19 years old Saira is the eldest among all siblings, has one year old son and is divorced. She has two sisters and two brothers; Nazish is 17 years old, Mehvish is 15 years old, Salman is 13 years old and Nosher is only 10 years old.

Their father died three years ago, and all the children are living with their mother, Kausar, in a small one room house. Kausar is 36 years old women with a disability – she cannot walk properly. She was a victim of child marriage, and she arranged a marriage for her eldest daughter Saira when she was only 16. Saira’s marriage did not work, and she had to get divorce through local court.

The three sisters work in the fields on daily wages and their mother stays with them, as she fears for their security. Both the boys are working as apprentices at a local workshop from where they get twenty to thirty rupees daily (US $ 0.3).

The girls hope that after learning this skill, they would be able to earn a decent living while working from their home. Their mother would not have to go out in spite of her disability. Bedari would keep you updated about the progress of these two girls.