Second Exposure Visit-Boosting the confidence of Girls!


Bedari has been running a program ‘Girls’ Post Primary Level Education’ since 2009 with financial support from Girls Education International in district Chakwal of Pakistan. During this second phase, Bedari conducted second exposure trip for the girls benefitted through this program.dsc06365

Following the first, second exposure visit is arranged on the demand of the girls in September 2016. The girls were taken to Taxila*. In this visit, members of Child Protection Committee also participated. In this informative visit 113 people participated including the girls and enjoyed it. The details of the participants is mentioned below:

  • 89 GEI Students (80 Current Students and 9 Old Students)
  • 5 Bedari Staff Members
  • 11 CPC members (7 males and 4 Females)
  • 8  Volunteers (2 Females and 6 Males)

The girls were happy and now quite confident as this was their second trip. It seemed their excitement would be less as compared to the first time but, they were even happier as the place they went was chosen by them. The CPC members were happy and shared their views with Bedari. They extended their full support whenever Bedari will need.


Khadija said:
At home, we are not allowed to speak loud let alone laugh out loud. There are too many restrictions. Today, there were no such restrictions. We screamed out loud, and then as if we could not believe we could scream, we would scream out loud again. It gave us strength. We can do anything.we could scream, we would scream out loud again. It gave us strength. We can do anything.

Masooma Bibi said:

I am both sad and happy at the same time. I am happy because I could come out so far from my home. I could see such wonderful places. I am sad for my mother who never had such opportunity. I wish Bedari would arrange such a trip for our mothers as well.

It was great pleasure to take these girls out and show them the ancient remains of Gandhara civilization. Looking at their happy face and confidence, Bedari is proud to give them this opportunity.

Impressions of the CPC Membersdsc06372

The members of Child Protection Committees also shared their feelings.

CPC Member:

I have enjoyed the most today. It was the best day of my life. I hope to get a chance to see girls happy like this again. Thank you Bedari!

*Taxila is an ancient city that flourished between 6th century BC and 5th Century AD. It has lots of remains of that era. It has a good museum, and is some 32 kilometers to the north of Islamabad.