Update 2 – Good News on Girls Education 1


drama-filled-world-good-news-well-kinda-GOgqBU-clipartDear Friends,

This is with reference to our Appeal for Donations to keep 101 girls in schools for next 6 months. We are really overjoyed to share with you that our partner organization Girls Education International (GEI) has informed us that they have raised sufficient funds, and would be sending the next tranche in a few days. It means that girls can continue with their education for at least one more year.

We are grateful to all the friends who supported us wholeheartedly during this tight situation. We are also happy about the fact that we did not have to share the news about this situation with the girls. They continued to go to their respective schools as happily as ever.

We (Bedari and GEI) would continue to make efforts to raise more funds to keep these girls in schools till the completion of their education, and to add as many more girls to this program as we can.



One thought on “Update 2 – Good News on Girls Education

  • irum

    Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Girls of rural areas are facing many problems regarding their studies.
    There are several issues and causes of education problems for girls in rural areas of Pakistan. congratulations Bedari 🙂

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