What will I do when I leave the shelter home? … Saima Mughal


Saima Mughal - Submitted by BedariHello… I am Saima – just 16 years old, married … not only married but already divorced also. Yes, I got married when I was 11 years old. I live in a suburban town of district Multan. Well, the problem was that my father died when I was very young. My mother married again. Life was not easy with a step-father. There were problems right from the beginning, but as I grew the things turned from bad to worse. My step-father tried to molest me. I told my mother, and she thought the best way to protect me from my step-father was to get me a husband, who would protect me, and provide for me.

My marriage was hurriedly arranged. My husband was a 35 years old man, and knew the reason for my early marriage. I had not yet experienced my first menses. My husband did not bother to wait till that, and tried to establish physical relations with me. It was unbearably painful. I had no one to share my problems. My mother was not around; she had chosen to keep no contact with me. She thought she would be able to protect me from the evil eye of my step-father, but she did not know that she had put me in another hell.

I tried to discuss this with my mother-in-law, and told her how painful it was. I thought she, being woman, would understand my predicament, but she turned against me. She called me different names – whore, harlot, slut etc. I don’t know what she told my husband, but he became more aggressive with his sexual demands.

My health deteriorated. In fact, one night I fainted, and was taken to hospital. There the female doctor told my husband clearly that I was too young to have sexual relations, but that did not make any difference. He continued to assert his manhood.

After three years of excruciating misery, I decided to run away from my so called home. A neighbor helped me reach this shelter home. My husband blamed me for being a slut, and divorced me.

I think if I had not been married so young, I would have coped with the situation in a much better way. Right now I don’t what I am going to do with my life. I have no education, and no source of income. I know this shelter home cannot accommodate me for the rest of my life. What will I do when I have to leave this shelter home???