Peace through Arts


MakePeaceThroughArt“Peace through Arts” is a unique project that aims at creating a forum for youth where they can interact with one another, discuss various issues pertaining to their everyday lives and express their desire for peace and prosperity through different art forms. It is a youth led project. Bedari staff is there to facilitate  them. Participation of young girls, and youth from religious and ethnic minorities as well as from different social/economic classes is ensured. It is a diverse group coming together to raise awareness about peace and its significance for prosperity and well-being of the communities.

Bedari has selected 100 youth interested in 4 art forms – painting, music, theater, and poetry. It provides them with mentors to help them polish their art. Later, it provides them opportunities to showcase their art for the general public. The poets would organize mushairas (poetry recitation sessions), painters organize exhibitions, singers organize concerts, while actors organize theater performances on peace and tolerance.

for more information, please see our booklet:

Booklet – Peace through Arts