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  • What is Bedari?

    Bedari is a national level non-governmental, voluntary, development organization in Pakistan working with women and children for the promotion and protection of their human rights.

  • What kind of programs does Bedari offer?

    Bedari offers a variety of programs, including Ending VAW/G Program, Women Empowerment Program, and Youth Engagement for Peace Program.

  • Who can benefit from Bedari's programs?

    Bedari's program aims to provide immediate psychological and legal support, referral to safe temporary shelter, and medical assistance to women and children in need. Additionally, the program advocates for policy and legislative reforms to improve women's rights and combat gender-based discrimination and violence. It also focuses on promoting women's rights and empowerment in various domains of life and to engage and empower youth to promote peace, diversity, and human rights through creative and educational activities

  • Where does Bedari operate?

    Bedari operates in various regions of Pakistan, including Chiniot, Karachi, Malir, Peshawar, Chakwal, MirpurKhas, Nowshera, Lahore, Tando M Khan, Multan, Larkana, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Sheikhupura, Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali, Bhakkar, Vehari.

  • How can I get involved with Bedari?

    You can get involved with Bedari by donating to the organization, volunteering your time and skills, or becoming a partner organization. You can visit our website to find out more information.

  • How does Bedari ensure accountability and transparency?

    Bedari has a strong accountability and transparency policy in place, which includes regular audits and financial reporting.

  • How does Bedari measure its impact?

    Bedari uses a variety of methods to measure its impact, including surveys and interviews with program participants, and monitoring key indicators such as success stories, school attendance, Events reports, Attendance sheets, Pictures and Videos.

  • Does Bedari work with other organizations?

    Yes, Bedari collaborates with a range of national and international organizations to implement its programs and advocate for women's rights.